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The Academy application and selection process is competitive, involving holistic review of grades, testing, teacher evaluations, and an interview. Therefore all students must go through the same process. Due to the fact this program is a four – year program students must apply in the fall of the 8th – grade year. Students must have completed Algebra I before enrolling for Academy 9th grade classes.

Only students who currently reside or will reside in attendance zones for The Woodlands College Park HS (TWCPHS), The Woodlands HS (TWHS), Grand Oaks HS (GOHS), or Oak Ridge HS (ORHS) may apply to the Academy of Science and Technology. The Academy will accept applications from qualified current 8th-grade students who are zoned to one of these high schools from October to November 1 for the next year’s freshman class-the Class of 2028. This will be the ONLY chance to apply. Except for late applications, described below, we will not consider an application from anyone who had a chance to apply in the 8th-grade.

Students who do not currently reside in the above mentioned attendance zone but will be moving into the zones may not participate in the fall admission process, but rather will apply as a Move-In in March.  A CISD zoned 8th graders with a move after the November due date, as well as students who will be moving to CISD are classified as a Move-In and may apply in March 2024. Documentation of residence change is required to apply.

Students who are currently in private school or Home School but reside in the attendance zone for The Woodlands College Park High School, The Woodlands High School, Grand Oaks High School, or Oak Ridge High School may apply and participate in the fall admission process. If you have questions, please check out the link below, the timeline, or the rest of our website.


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Admission Process Timeline

September AST Headmaster and students visit Irons, Knox, York, and McCullough Junior High Schools on 9/14, 9/15, 9/18 and 9/19 respectively. Prior to the visits, all parents of students currently enrolled in Algebra 1 or Geometry who are at one of those four junior high schools will receive a letter informing them about AST. Students must have completed Algebra 1 prior to enrollment in the 9th grade if accepted into AST.
Informational meetings will be held at College Park High School on Sept 25th & 27th. You only need to attend one meeting. Parents register students for testing in October. Exact meeting times will be released closer to the event, but typically we start at 6pm.
October Parents choose one of two testing dates-October 21st and 28th are the scheduled dates
November Applications are due November 1
January AST will notify parents of interview status in mid January
AST will hold interviews
February Letters are sent to all applicants notifying them of status
Late Spring Registration for ninth grade year
Late Spring Pre-ACT results are sent to JHS Counseling Centers

Move-in Applicants:

From March 1-10 of 2024, the Academy will accept applications from students in the 8th grade who moved into Knox, McC, Irons, York after November 1st or students who do not currently live in one of the above 4 feeder zones but will be moving to one during the summer. The move in application will require proof of residency.

Instructions and application can be found HERE.

8th grade students who moved into the TWHS, TWCP, GOHS, or ORHS feeder zones this school year (23/24) after 11/1 will be able to complete the move in application. 8th grade students intending to move into one of those feeder zones this summer may also apply–but must provide the documentation listed in the application.

9th graders who moved into the four appropriate feeder zones this year may also apply, but are strongly suggested to call prior to completing the application as 9th graders will have to complete all requirements in three years and it is often not a feasible option schedule wise. The application only mentions 8th grade, but can be completed by 9th graders.

Appointments will be made from this pool on a space-available basis only by mid-April. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Current 9th Grade Students:

The Academy will accept applications in March from current 9th students new to Conroe ISD who reside in the CPHS, TWHS, ORHS or GOHS feeder zones who therefore didn’t get a chance to apply the previous November or March. Appointments will be made on qualifications and a space-available basis only. Any student accepting an appointment for grade 10 must meet all Academy graduation requirements. We expect to offer appointments from this pool during April. We do not accept juniors or seniors due to the extensive programmatic requirements and limited opportunity to complete them in two years or less.

Students may fill out the move in application HERE.


If you use assistive technology and experience difficulty accessing the information below, please contact the AST front office.