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Academy students are required to earn 14.0 credits over two years. Once completed the student will earn 0.5 credit of local credit for Explorations. Students are encouraged to earn at least two credits by job shadowing someone in a career of interest. Explorations focus on developing self-reliance, responsibility, a greater understanding of the importance of science, mathematics, and technology in our world, and on the many career opportunities that abound with a foundation in STEM.

Students will find exploration opportunities posted on the Academy bulletin board, Academy calendar and in the Academy newsletter. Lectures are held in the evenings and tours are done after school. Tours do require students to return a completed parent permission form in order to sign up for the tour. Some tours limit the number of students that may attend.




Categories of Explorations

  • Academy sponsored explorations such as lectures, tours, and trips. The Academy provides the exploration form to the student.
  • Academy approved explorations such as lectures on the college or university campus, visits to colleges and universities, visits to science museums.  Students may use the Approved Exploration form with a list of sites pre-approved for credit.
  • Independent exploration. If the student plans to visit a city or country and has done research to find places or events that are related to science, mathematics or technology, the student may apply to have the exploration approved. The student must complete the Independent Exploration form and submit for approval prior to the trip.

For any exploration the student must write in the Exploration Journal, type a 2-4 page report that includes additional research and cited using APA Style, and documentation of the experience in the form of pictures, tickets, brochures, etc.