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The internship program involves pairing an Academy student with a mentor scientist, technician, engineer, medical or health practitioner, or other professional. The internship can be local, in another city, state, or country. The goal is to provide the student with real-world experience in an area of his or her own professional interest. The internship may be a paid or unpaid position, depending on the site.

The internship is designed as a one-half credit course (local) and is required for graduation from the Academy. Student expectations are high and the prospective mentor may look forward to working with a young woman or man who is hard-working, enthusiastic, cooperative, punctual, and dependable- a productive learner in the role of student apprentice.


An Academy student who has completed 14.0 exploration credits is eligible to do an internship. The experience is designed for students between the junior and senior year since they have taken the necessary coursework to be a viable worker, have the maturity to handle the work force, and are able to get to the work site.  Juniors may apply to the Education for Tomorrow Alliance for assisting in securing an internship or they may do self-placement.

Younger students must do self-placement if they have met the exploration credit requirement.

Please read information below for the requirements for the internship.